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Welcome to TrendTechno

TrendTechno is a web platform which provides Trend of the underlying such as stocks,Indices,Commodities,Currecncies from Technical perspectives.

I am using various technical analysis tools like Momentum Indicators,Charts Patterns, and Elliot wave counts, Candle Stick Patterns etc to determine trend of the underlying.

Technical Analysis is Probabilistic Science.It helps us to TIME THE TREND based on one's interpretation.

Technical Charts are basically reflecting physiology behavior of Masses. Technical analysis various tools implicitly helps us to study this behavior. My attempt to create this platform is basically to guide the Trader & Investor for Financial Market & Financial Instrument Trend.

At Trend techno, I also provide Training & tutorials in the functional areas such as- Introduction to Financial/Capital Market, Research (Fundamental, Technical, and Derivative), Portfolio Management and Wealth Management etc. The objective to provide training & tutorials in such a way with practical illustrations that bridges the gap between students & corporate. It will also help individual for their own investment planning decisions.

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